Handmade Silk Carpets

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Why do you choose a handmade silk carpet?

Silk Carpet Material: natural silk --- good gloss, fine texture, strong artistic expression; soft and flexible, easy to carry, transport, light, breathable, easy to wash fast dry; mothproof, dampproof, noiseproof, Storage easy. No smell, no allergies, good thermal conductivity, Warm in winter and cool in summer, anti-static,

Silk carpet technology: double knots ---   carpet even, solid and durable, anti-pull, wearproof, never comes off naps

Handmade Carpet Dyeing: plant dyes --- good dyeing,won't fade, color is natural and soft.

Handmade Silk Carpet Style: 120 Line --- colorful , pattern full, thick in the fine, easy to show the transition of color, perspective well, strong three-dimensional sense, the overall style is majestic. Used for decorative appreciation. More than 300 - color soft and gentle, exquisite design, rich subject matter, far-reaching prospect, clear outline, nice sense of perspective, strong artistic appeal. The overall style is full of elegance. You can enjoy the collection and great practical value.

Gold Needn't To Be Plated

 Delicately   Knotting

             Create   Precision



The Genuine Is Passed Down For Centuries

Brand Strategy

All the silk carpets are handmade authentic products, many styles, professional operations for 50 years.

Professional Services

From the silk carpet design, silk carpet customization, home delivery, silk care maintenance, silk carpet

cleaning to all aspects of professional services.

Real Stuff

Silk carpets are unique in the precious material, it has a beautiful light and shadow changes,

to better render the theme, so the artistic expression of silk carpets is more intense than the general

carpet is , so irreplaceable.



Every piece of silk carpets have their own unique temperament, some unrestrained,some subtle,

some refined, and some flamboyant, and some noble, some simple,every piece of silk is a work of

art, full of magic imagination. The every piece of silk carpets are literary works, tell us its previous lives

and today's stories

Wandering In The Silk Carpet Ocean

In the world of handmade carpets, there is always a unique one match with your trait., due to the uniqueness of the handmade silk carpet, making you not to follow blindly ordinary,so that would  be a possible to decorate the environment of your own house  so different, now it's time to go for the pearl destined to meet with you.


Chinese Silk Carpet Industry Leader

Beijing, 1985, White Peacock Silk Carpet opened the exhibition hall in the white peacock art world , since then, the handmade silk carpet that represents the ancient Chinese, excellent, the highest, with two thousand years of history of the court weaving art was back to the imperial capital in where it had been brilliant for a long time. So far, after Ebb Tide, we are still the tastemaker in chinese market. Not Rely on being smart, but persistent, love, integrity, in the eyes of the MY people, it is not just business, it is still emotional.....


Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Shuvallov Ivanovic to visit

December 21, 2015, the Russian first deputy prime minister was attracted to MY mall by our reputation during his Beijing trip,   for taking the Chinese handmade silk carpet, and we had a cordial conversation while he was showing the love of Chinese art and praise, he expected to come again to our world of silk carpet.


"Here is Beijing" Interview With My Silk Carpet Mall

July 11, 2016,Beijing BTV News Channel reported MY's traditional old craft - handmade silk carpets. On Youku search "here is Beijing", you can find the current program "looking for carpet in Beijing", the episode number is 20160711.


The president Xi looks in old friends during his visit to US‍‍‍

February 2012, during his visit to the United States, he spent a special trip to Mascarton to visit the old friend for years. American friends were very excited to recall memories of the good times to get along with Mr.Xi. In the picture, the Chinese silk carpets added color to the host's house.


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