Sijia Meiyi Commercial and Trade (Beijing) Co Ltd run the handmade silk carpet business who owned   more than 800 technical staff and workers

professional silk carpet manufacturer and vendor in Beijing.White Peacock is a well-known brand of China.Corporate structure includes   sections of Silk production base, Drawing workshop, Dyeing yarn shop, Weaving workshop, Trimming workshop, Cleaning workshop, Repair department, Factory outlets,Carpet stores, Silk carpet Museum. Formed coordinated services consisted of   Professional production,supply,marketing. Professionally make Silk carpets, Silk art tapestries, Carpets in Persian style, Central Asia style, Chinese style, European style. Insists to put reputation the first, Quality the supremacy. Over the years, we have no complaints and disputes. Always maintained a good professional ethics and corporate reputation. High-quality handmade silk carpet exports around the world, products spread over five continents. At the same time to provide you with a quick shipping service! when the customers were touched by the marvelous charm of China's silk carpet , it will enhance the foreign image of Chinese handicraft industry.


The Genuine Is Passed Down For Centuries

Brand Strategy

All the silk carpets are handmade authentic products, many styles, professional operations for 50 years.

Professional Services

From the silk carpet design, silk carpet customization, home delivery, silk care maintenance, silk carpet

cleaning to all aspects of professional services.

Real Stuff

Silk carpets are unique in the precious material, it has a beautiful light and shadow changes,

to better render the theme, so the artistic expression of silk carpets is more intense than the general

carpet is , so irreplaceable.


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